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Born and bred in Byron Bay in 2006, Afends has stayed true to its coastal lifestyle roots, taking inspiration from the local surf and skate cultures, whilst producing sustainable fashion-forward collections. Afends is the brainchild of Declan Wise and Jono Salfield who created it off the back of a small screen-printing business where they would print band merchandise for local shows.

Whilst authentically Australian, Afends appeal has grown worldwide due to a reputation for quality, organic materials, and innovative designs distilled from music, art and local heritage. Built in the culture of surfing and skateboarding, Afends evolves and adapts from range to range, the brand is a way of life that relies on its contribution to the earth. Inspiring people to educate themselves on the environment, they lead the way as a fashion brand with a focus on organic hemp.

Whether you’re looking for a smart jacket for a night on the town, or a graphic t-shirt for a beachside cruise, Afends has a wide range of authentic streetwear that is both effortlessly cool and distinctive by nature.

Afends recognises its responsibility as a fashion label when it comes to their environmental and social impact. Afends champions sustainability throughout the supply chain, most notably through their use of hemp in many of their products, including denim, boardshorts, and underwear. They are also advocates for equality, going plastic-free, and collaborate with many non-profit organisations, demonstrating a strong brand ethos that will surely resonate with those who choose their clothes.

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