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Women's Teva

If Teva’s foundations aren’t unusual, then at the very least they are uncommon, and certainly intriguing. Founded in 1984 by a rafting guide working in the bowels of the Grand Canyon, the brand was established with one earnest intention – to create safe footwear that worked in the heat of the Grand Canyon, and allowed proper immersion in river activities with people could have fun and, importantly, not think once about what is on their feet.

Traditional thongs would fall off or snap at any given opportunity, and sneakers were hardly designed to cope with drenching water, taking a long, long time to dry, and never feeling comfortable when wet anyway. Teva would be first to add a nylon ankle strap to the thong, and therefore established the world’s first ever sports sandal. First marketed as “amphibious utility sandals”, it explains the essence behind the shoe, which survives in 2019. The sandal is meant for water activities, and is the ultimate in in-water versatility.

Since its early days, the Teva sandal has grown into a cult icon, with small but always-growing groups of faithful fans across the globe. The brand demands that go-anywhere, do-whatever, achieve-anything mindset that the brand always has and always will stand for. They embody the spirit of adventure, and their dedication to high quality manufacturing and footwear design allows those wise enough to buy a pair to fully embrace a spirit of unscripted adventure and honesty.

The first ever model, named the Original Universal, is the basis upon which all future footwear styles have been built – the Original Universal embraced exploration and excitement, while providing comfort and total safety, as well as an iconic visual appeal. We at General Pants are super-excited to link up with the brand, and we have a tight capsule of both eye-catching and subtle styles by one of life’s most adventurous footwear-makers.

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