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Men's Adidas

The Adidas brand’s beginnings are rooted firmly in German innovation, being the first brand to use spikes in track shoes and screw-in studs in soccer shoes in its early days. Founded almost a century ago, this brand was initially only popular in Europe before finding fame and sparking influence on a huge, global scale in the late 60s and early 70s with the advent of the Beckenbauer tracksuit, inspired by German World Cup winner Franz Beckenbauer, with the inclusion of the famous three-stripe logo on the shoes of both Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in the ‘Fight of the Century’ in 1971, and with its sponsorship of the 1971 Olympics. It was at this point that the brand crossed the boundary that could then often separate sport and society, and found its place on the backs of those who weren’t taking part in sports, as well as its loyal following of sports-minded folks. The fact we stock the much-adored Beckenbauer track top and pants even now is testament to the long-standing influence the brand’s decisions in the 60s and 70s has had on fashion.

What began as a German family company fronted by Adi Dassler, where the brand gets its name, became a strong name throughout each continent. This move brought Adidas to a new audience and, already a fixture in households across the world, had now become part of mainstream sportswear and formed the visual fabric of emerging hip-hop culture, not stopping and Run-DMC and finding its name used across the culture’s music into the 90s.

We've led the way with its timeless, provocative Trefoil logo – the icon was built on three stripes with three radiating leaves. The logo was instrumental in creating a cult following around the release of the still-relevant shell toe shoe, with the help of Run-DMC. The trefoil logo was a bridge from mainstream leisurewear to urban culture and the precursor to the streetwear boom of the late 80s and 90s.

At this point, Adidas has its eye firmly set on the future, without ever losing its respect for how the brand has found itself in such a position. This truly iconic brand continues to reinvent and reimagine classic styles by tweaking design, construction, and visuals for the updated contemporary market. We all buy the brand for its enduring style and relevance, something that is reinforced through the persistent high regard in which the Samba, the Superstar, Continental, Campus shoe, and Adilette slide.

The brand is sure of itself in the modern market too, however, and is making headway in current trends including the Falcon shoe and the Yung 96 shoe, indicative of the lightning-quick rise in the popularity of the chunky sole sneaker that is ubiquitous in 2019.

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