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Levi’s are known worldwide as the brand that invented the blue jeans, and they have continued to make waves throughout history. Levi’s 501 Jean, which gained popularity over the years and eventually established itself as a cultural icon, is the most notable to date. These days, Levi’s are a global leader in denim, with quality fabric, production and innovation at the heart of the brand.

Levi’s 501 Jean remains a popular women’s style, now updated for contemporary wear in a range of trend-driven washes and finishes. This season we turn to rigid denim as our go-to finish, as its hard-wearing and durable quality stays true to the timeless nature of the brand. Look for it not only in Levi’s 501 Jean but in a range of other styles, including Levi’s straight leg jeans, which are huge this season. Wide leg jeans are another super popular style.

For the guys, classic Classic Levi’s jean styles - including the 510 and 512 Jean - now come in a rigid denim fabrication and modern washes. Other popular Levi’s jeans styles include relaxed jeans, slim tapered and loose jeans.

Levi’s denim jackets with sherpa detailing, cargo pants, hoodies, crew neck jumpers, overalls and short sleeve t-shirts are also part of the range this season. For the ladies, Levi’s denim skirts, crop tops and sweatshirts are plentiful. Classic silhouettes, primary colours and bold branding remain throughout the entire collection. No matter what your style is, General Pants Co. stock a huge collection of Levi’s Australian range, so find your fit online today.

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