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Men's Singlets

The singlet and the muscle tee are absolute musts in the summer months, for beach days, gym life, and at the bar. There can be days where wearing sleeves just doesn't bear thinking about, and on those days the singlet is the only answer. Our singlets are in a range of designs, headed by a few of our most cherished brands including Insight and Standard.

The singlet for men started in the 1930s, and by 1951 had been immortalised on the silver screen by Marlon Brando in Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, and again in the 80s by Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Of course, we don't run to the beach to look like Marlon Brando, because the main function of the singlet and muscle tee is to look good and feel good in the year's hotter moments. Summer life needs a singlet, and so we offer a super-broad range of styles that matches each personal style, leaving no man at the beach in a skivvy. Our singlets are in plain finishes - the perfect basic - in allover prints, and designed with branding here and there. Our singlets and muscle tees put extra attention on comfort. Made for the sweatiest months of the year, our singlets are all made in comfortable, lightweight cotton fabrications that allow some breathability.

The singlet has a lot of names, changeable the world over, but one thing that sticks is its presence in every summer wardrobe. You can't get too far in the warm months without a sleeveless tee or two, and this is where our selection of singlets and muscles come to your aid.

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