Wrangler is highly influenced by Western aesthetics, carrying Western tropes to urban backdrops through its range of Wrangler jeans for both men and women, as well as a solid collection of denim shorts, jackets, t-shirts, skirts, and singlets.

Wrangler jeans, in particular, are central to the brand's success and identity and employ great focus on contemporary design techniques without shying away from what made the brand what it is - its simplicity and stripped back visual appeal.

Now, Wrangler jeans are the template for good, high-quality denim design, and at General Pants, we offer a range of Wrangler denim fits: most notably the men's Smith R28 Jeans, which melds modern design with visual appeal that stays true to the brand's founding statement.

Our selection of Wrangler womenswear covers a number of styles for the Wrangler-lover, including vintage-style Wrangler t-shirts and singlets that never lose their appeal regardless of season or trend, owed to their timeless design and finish. We also have a wide range of Wrangler denim skirts, denim shorts and jackets that pay as much respect to high-quality design and fabrication.

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